Our mission

The Ladder School will be a safe, well ordered and caring environment for learning. It will deliver high quality education to all its students and will support them to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control.

High quality outstanding teaching, and clear and consistent guidance and support will facilitate students in succeeding in education. Our broad and balanced academic and vocational curriculum will provide students with access to a range of accredited qualifications as well as educational and social experiences, which will address their learning and emotional needs (including SEND and Mental Health support). Our purpose is to support every student to develop their true potential, make a positive contribution to their families and find fulfilment in employment.

Our vision for the Ladder School

Our aims:

  1. To challenge every student to raise their aspirations and excel in both academic achievement and in developing vocational skill sets
  2. To nurture and develop in students the values and characteristics necessary to become successful, confident and responsible members of society
  3. To teach students the value of self-discipline, resilience and respect in order to become life-long learners with the positive attitudes required by employers now and in the future
  4. To prepare students for employment in a world with ever-changing scientific, technical and global needs through problem-solving workshops and work with employers
  5. To build strong partnership relationships between students, home, school, community and local employers

Useful information

Working with host schools and agency partners we provide all pupils every opportunity to enjoy their education and achieve their potential. Our education is excellent and tailored for all pupils, challenging them to succeed and support their personal growth.